School bond goes to vote Tuesday

School bond goes to vote Tuesday

Jenks Public Schools district voters will hit the polls Tuesday to vote yes or no on the new General Obligation Bond JPS has put together.

The amount of the G.O. Bond is $12,487,260. The Jenks school district voters have passed the past 55 of 56 bond issues.

In a statement last month, Jenks Public Schools Director of Communications Rob Loeber talked about the importance of community support.

“We are very fortunate that voters in the Jenks school district have turned out and shown their support for Jenks Public Schools. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of our voters and stakeholders.”

Here is a list of the items the bond will be used to pay for:

-District wide equipment, such as items the district needs for day-to-day operations

-Facilities management equipment and repairs

-Printing improvements, such as copiers and scanners for numerous buildings in the district

-Textbooks and media equipment

-Transportation, such as yellow school buses, Trojan Pride buses and district vans

-More classroom/instructional space, including improvements to the older part of the Freshman Academy

The dollar amount of the bond keeps Jenks Public Schools below the 10% rule, which states that a school district must not have more than 10% bonded out of its net assessed value.

“Think of the classroom and instructional space as like seed money for expansion,” Loeber said in January. “With our current growth rate, we know we are going to need more classroom and instructional space in the near future. We just don’t know what site will need it at this point.”

Kyle Salomon

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