Jenks City Council approves bond resolution for April ballot

Jenks City Council approves bond resolution for April ballot

Jenks residents will get their chance to let their voices be heard April 7 after the Jenks City Council approved a general obligation bond resolution Tuesday at the City Council Meeting.

The bond resolution, which is set at $20,500,000, included five road projects that will have direct impacts with traffic on south Elm Street, Elwood Ave., downtown Jenks and the incoming outlet mall.

“We are very excited to be at this point,” Jenks Mayor Robert Lee said. “These are much-needed projects and projects that people wanted to see happen. I couldn’t be happier getting the ball rolling on this.”

Now that the bond resolution was passed, it will immediately go to the Tulsa County Election Board and be put on the April 7 ballot.

All five road project items on the bond will be under one question. Voters will not be able to vote yes on one road project, but no on another. They are all a package deal.

“These are the projects that people have been asking for and we have been wanting to deliver these projects to them,” Lee said. “Now, we need their go ahead to finally get them done. We really appreciate the citizens’ support.”

Here are the five road projects that will be on the April 7 ballot:

-$16 million for construction of south Elm Street from 111th Street to 131st Street. This will make Elm Street all five lanes from 111th Street to 131st Street and add a trail and medians with trees and landscaping

-$1 million for design of Elwood Ave. from 111th Street to 121st Street to include landscaping and a trail

-$1 million for design of improvements of Elwood Ave. from 91st Street to Main Street with landscaping and trail

-$1 million for construction of Main Street from Date Street to the railroad, including drainage going from Birch Ave. all the way to the Veterans Park Pond

-$1 million for design of 106th Street going east from Elm Street to the River District area where the outlet mall will be located

The other $500,000 will be for cost of creating all five projects for the bond issue.

The G.O. bond will be a 20-year bond and raise property taxes $75 per $100,000 in property ownership for the first year. However, the property tax hike will level out to a $46 per year raise per $100,000 in property ownership throughout the 20-year span.

“We have been working on this since last summer vetting these projects,” Lee said. “The council has also been working hard to get the citizens’ point of view and we feel like they have done a great job with that. The City of Jenks staff have been a real workhorse in this process. There is no way we could have accomplished this without all their hard work.”

Kyle Salomon

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