Bond items approved by Jenks City Council

Bond items approved by Jenks City Council

Long-awaited road improvements could be coming to Jenks soon.

Tuesday, the Jenks City Council unanimously approved several road-improvement items that would appear on a potential general obligation bond issue, which voters would decide on in April.

“This group of projects improves the overall transportation and infrastructure for our city,” Jenks Mayor Robert Lee said. “People in Jenks have been asking for these improvements for quite some time. The improvements on south Elm will shorten commutes, allow people to spend more time with their families and less time stuck in traffic. The same goes with the Elwood projects. The improvements to the downtown area and south Jenks will help with the access to the outlet mall and improve the overall quality of life for our citizens.”

The total amount of the bond is $20 million, which is the number Jenks city officials were hoping to hit going into this process.

The list of items on the potential bond:

-South Elm Street widening to five lanes from 111th Street to 131st Street ($16 million)

-Main Street improvements from Date Street to east of railroad tracks ($1 million)

-Design of Elwood Avenue improvements from Main Street to 91st Street ($1 million)

-Design of Elwood Avenue improvements from 111th Street to 121st Street ($1 million)

-Design of 106th Street improvements from Elm Street to River District ($1 million)

Now that the potential bond items have been approved by City Council, a G.O. bond resolution will be formed and voted on by the council Feb. 4 at the next Jenks City Council Meeting.

If the council votes yes on the bond resolution, the G.O. bond will appear on the April ballot and will be proposed as one question with all road improvement projects under the single question.

Other capital funded projects that were considered for the potential bond were the new Senior Activity Center, new Fire Station One downtown and the new Animal Shelter.

According to Lee, those items among others will remain a top priority for the City of Jenks, as they search for different ways to fund capital projects.

“It was a challenge to limit this to $20 million,” Lee said. “We had to narrow our scope of projects to stay at that limit and address the most critical needs for our city based on what we have heard from our citizens. Road improvements are the top priority for our citizens right now. This process also gave us a chance to review other projects such as the new senior center, fire station and animal shelter. We will identify the next steps with those projects and move forward with them.”

Lee said it was important to keep the bond amount to $20 million.

“We wanted to keep it at $20 million to minimize financial impact on individual citizens,” Lee said.

If the resolution is approved by City Council in February and passed by voters in April, it would add roughly $46 for every $100,000 valuation to Jenks residents’ annual property taxes throughout the next two decades.

Kyle Salomon

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