Initial Horizon Jenks plan nearing completion

Initial Horizon Jenks plan nearing completion

Associates from the consulting firm, Houseal Lavigne, made their way from Chicago to Jenks last Dec. 12 to seek input from the community before finalizing the initial comprehensive plan.

The Horizon Jenks Workshop took place in the White Barn at Spain Ranch in Jenks, a popular wedding and event venue.

Roughly 30 people attended the workshop. Representatives from Houseal Lavigne set out maps of downtown Jenks and the riverfront area in Jenks for people to make marks in the areas they feel need to be improved.

“I thought the attendance Thursday night was good,” Jenks City Planner Jim Beach said. “I thought the interaction was good. People were engaged and seemed to be having fun with it. There were a lot of conversations on traffic, bringing more business into Jenks, focusing on the downtown area and the possibility of the new senior center. There were a lot of very good ideas.”

Prior to the workshop at Spain Ranch, Houseal Lavigne and Beach went to Jenks Public Schools and had a similar event for students at Jenks High School

“The students were very creative,” Beach said. “They had some great ideas, some off the wall stuff. The main points they brought up were connectivity from Riverwalk to the downtown area and getting rid of the one-way streets in Jenks.”

Beach added that the downtown area and riverfront area will get special attention in the comprehensive plan.

“The whole comprehensive plan covers the entire city of Jenks,” Beach said. “The downtown and riverfront areas will contain sub-area plans meaning they will receive a little more attention to detail.”

Beach said getting the feedback from the community is vital in this process.

“It is essential,” Beach said. “The people here own this town. They are all stakeholders. You wouldn’t want me to come to your house and paint it without asking what color you want me to use. It is the same thing here.”

The initial Horizon Jenks comprehensive plan is approximately going to be put in front of City Council in early February.

Kyle Salomon

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