City plays waiting game on Perryman Ranch land

City plays waiting game on Perryman Ranch land

The land known as Perryman Ranch in Jenks was all set to be developed into a neighborhood beginning this coming summer.

However, the plans have stalled, and the City of Jenks is now in waiting mode.

“The Perryman Ranch issue has been tabled for now,” Jenks City Planner Jim Beach said. “We are going to gather more information from the developer on what the project is going to look like. Once we have the information, we will be able to start the hearing on the P.U.D. (Planned Unit Development), and get the project going again. The last time we heard from the developer was around early November. There is no timetable at this point, we are just in waiting mode.”

Assistant City Manager Robert Carr said the type of development may change from the original plan.

“Last Thursday, I spoke to the engineer in charge of the projects and they are weighing different types of development,” Carr said. “They are continuing to work on the P.U.D.”

Kyle Salomon

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