Anthem Road Academy leaves impact in Ghana

Anthem Road Academy leaves impact in Ghana

Last month, a group of 10 musically inclined dreamers stepped off a plane in Accra, Ghana. Anthem Road Academy, a music school in Jenks, traveled to Ghana for the first time, ready to teach music and the Dream Traders curriculum, written by the group’s leader and Anthem Road Academy owner, Heather Turner.

The first two days were spent at The Pearl House Academy, a school established by the Ghanaian non-profit, The Pearl House.

The Pearl House Academy is a preschool, primary and junior high school located in the Central Region of Ghana.

The team spent two days rotating between the preschool classes, the primary classes, and the Jenks High School classes. During the rotations, the group taught the Dream Traders curriculum and led the classes in music using a variety of instruments. Students were encouraged to uncover their “Big Dream” and they were empowered to discover the steps they need to make to achieve that dream.

In order to learn more about the history of Ghana, the group made a visit to Elmina Castle, a former hub of slave trade in West Africa. That afternoon their talents were used to work with the choir at our local church. The team taught and learned some worship songs while also teaching the audio-visual team. The following day, the group had the opportunity to teach, preach, and lead worship in church. The morning was a beautiful blend of two cultures coming together in worship.

The next day, the Dream Traders group visited another non-profit in Ghana called Project Nyame Nsa (meaning “Project God’s Hand”). This non-profit has a foster care structure that gives aid to children in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The team spent the day training the staff in the Dream Traders curriculum so they would be able to teach their children. The staff engaged in meaningful and challenging discussions on the importance of empowering their children. These group discussions took place while the children were at school. When the children returned, the team led them in a fun time of music and games.

To say the group was busy is an understatement, not a moment was wasted. Every moment was used to love, to serve and to learn. We are so grateful for the partnership between Anthem Road Academy and The Pearl House. It is a partnership that spans the ocean and the future possibilities are endless.


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