Main Street Meds gives Jenks citizens new way of medicating

Main Street Meds gives Jenks citizens new way of medicating

Starting a business is always risky. Starting a business in an industry as young as cannabis adds a different level of risk.

Kyle Hensley and Keith Gissendaner have taken the plunge and put a dispensary in Jenks, located at 310 W. Main St.

The new store, “Main Street Meds”, opened Sept. 30 and has seen success thus far.

“It has been great,” Hensley said. “Jenks has been great, very supportive. There has been a little bit of a learning curve starting out, but for the most part, it has been great.”

Hensley said he liked the Jenks location when he was looking for a place for his new store.

“The building is in a great location in Jenks. We wanted to find a building that wasn’t saturated by other stores. This is the perfect building for a dispensary, and it is in a safe area. We looked in other parts of town, but this location was the best place by far. We had a lot of people say no because there is still a stigma with this industry and people have concerns.”

Gissendaner said most of the stigma surrounding cannabis comes from lack of education.

“It is nice that people can finally get it safely and know what they are getting. The stigmas surrounding cannabis comes mostly from a lack of knowledge. It is medicine and people use it everyday for medicine. The industry is still very young and educating people that it’s a medicine sets us apart from others in this area.”

Hensley said getting to this point has been a slow process for the industry and it has given hope to people in multiple ways.

“We are here to help people. People are gaining power to medicate themselves and 91% of U.S. population wants to legalize cannabis across the country. As the owner, I’ve been a long-time cannabis enthusiast who didn’t expect to see the laws change in Oklahoma. I know from personal experience that cannabis can be one of the best remedies people have to manage a variety of conditions.”

Hensley said he has seen cannabis change people’s lives for the good.

“For many years I’d read of success stories from people across the country with different ailments who chose cannabis over other treatment options. You can’t keep something good a secret for too long. Now that our state has the opportunity to finally experience the benefits of this miraculous plant in a way that is legally and medically approved is so exciting. We are seeing the stigma lift as science proves the benefits and more and more people give their own testimonies.”

Hensley said cannabis provides people a way to get off opioids and the dangers that come with those drugs.

“It’s absolutely helping people get off of harmful opioids with side effects, and it gives people who were self-medicating with alcohol a much safer non-toxic choice for relief. I have seen so many lives negatively affected by alcohol and addictive pills, including family members who have overdosed.”

Hensley said Main Street Meds allows people a chance to medicate themselves and educate themselves while doing it.

“For me, opening the store is all about creating a comfortable environment where patients feel safe asking questions and learning about cannabis and the different products that can make a positive difference in their overall quality of life. They can finally enjoy cannabis with confidence, unlike in the past with an unregulated black market, as all of our products are tested to ensure safety and potency. People appreciate being able to consistently buy reliable natural medicine. Our staff is here to educate and guide beginners as they learn what helps with the individual needs, and that is often our favorite interaction, teaching new patients and helping them navigate and understand what’s available.”

Hensley added that he carries a variety of products in his store.

“I chose to carry a wide array of products, not just the traditional flower people are familiar with, but also a huge variety of edibles, along with tinctures and transdermal lotions that have genuine medical properties and applications. We have a website setup for online ordering at, allowing for To-Go orders to be picked up at the Drive Thru window, which is great for anyone with limited mobility, or just the convenience. The Jenks community and the City of Jenks have been outstanding, and I hope we can serve the patients in Jenks for many years to come.”

Kyle Salomon

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