Jenks Tribune adapting for a more effective future

Jenks Tribune adapting for  a more effective future

Hello Jenks!

Believe it or not, it is already November, which means we are 12 weeks into the Jenks Tribune.

It seems like just yesterday I moved back to the Jenks area after being in the Oklahoma City metro for nearly a decade, but like the old saying goes, “time flies when you are having fun”, and this has been a very fun experience.

The support has been incredible from the entire Jenks community. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We don’t do this to get pats on the back, but it is a great feeling when people tell you how much they enjoy the product.

There is no such thing as a perfect newspaper. We have made our fair share of mistakes, but we work tirelessly to make sure we are covering this community the way it needs to be covered.

I believe we have accomplished our goal thus far in covering this community. I believe in full transparency, but I also believe in positivity. There are not many media outlets who buy into the model of shining the light of transparency but maintaining a positive outlook, but I believe we have done that here at the Jenks Tribune and will continue to do that going forward.

Starting out, we had a plan in place. I believe it was a good plan, the right plan for how we wanted to make an impact on Jenks and this entire area.

We wanted the entire city of Jenks to get this newspaper. We wanted every Jenks citizen to have the chance to read about what is going on in their community. As we progressed, we added numerous businesses and school sites to our distribution list.

Right now, we are printing 9,000 newspapers every week with roughly 8,200 being mailed across the 74037-zip code with the other 800 being stacked and racked across the Jenks community.

With any plan, there are things you learn along the way. That has certainly been the case here. No plan is perfect, especially when you are starting a small business and that business happens to be a community newspaper.

I have learned that we need to be adaptable. We started out mailing to every mailbox in Jenks and that included the P.O. boxes, but quickly came to a realization that people were getting the newspaper three times if they lived in Jenks, worked in Jenks and had a P.O. box in Jenks, so we made an adjustment and pulled P.O. boxes from our delivery list and it has worked out well.

Another way we have adapted is by adding our e-edition to our delivery system. We understand that there are people who would rather read their news online than read it in the hard copy of a newspaper, so we made that available to them and that has worked out well.

Now, we must adapt again, and we believe this will also work out well for us and for this community.

Starting Nov. 22, we are going to a free subscription model. We understand that not every household and business in Jenks reads their Jenks news through the hard copy of the Jenks Tribune. Our goal is to make sure all our readers are happy with how they receive their Jenks Tribune.

If someone wants to read the e-edition and/or our website at to get their Jenks news and not get the hard copy of our paper, we want to accommodate them, but if someone does want to keep getting their Jenks Tribune in their mailbox every Friday, we certainly want to accommodate them as well.

The e-edition and our website will remain free to anyone who wants to go to our website and/or our Jenks Tribune Facebook page. The hard copy of the newspaper will also remain free, but we need you to let us know you still want to get the printed edition every week.

Please email with your name and address and we will add you to our mailing list. You may also fill out the form in the hard copy of the Jenks Tribune and mail it to 329 S Elm St. Ste 201 Jenks, OK 74037.

This offer only applies to city of Jenks residents. We understand we have many readers who live outside of the city of Jenks and they can still get the paper in one of our many locations across the Jenks community or online, but at this time, we can only mail to those who have mailboxes in the 74037 zip code.

I understand this is a big change, but we believe this is the best model moving forward for how we want to get news to our community. We want as many free print subscriptions as we can get, but we also want to make sure people are getting the Jenks Tribune the way they want it.

Our goal remains the same as it has always been. Our mission statement reads, “We are the Jenks community’s hometown source for hyperlocal news, sports and information that the people of our community need to know.”

Our mission will never change. Whether you want the Jenks Tribune in your mailbox or online, our job is to keep you informed and we plan on doing that for a long time.

Thank you Jenks!


Kyle Salomon

Kyle Salomon

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