Perryman Ranch to possibly become new neighborhood

Perryman Ranch to possibly become new neighborhood

The popular land known as Perryman Ranch in Jenks might look entirely different in a year if a Planned Unit Development, or better known as a P.U.D., is approved in the next several weeks.

If approved by the Jenks Planning Commission Thursday and the Jenks City Council Nov. 18, the Perryman Ranch land will be rezoned to residential and a neighborhood by the name of Perryman Ranch will be put in that area with ground-breaking in the summer of 2020.

According to Jenks city planner Jim Beach, the new neighborhood will consist of small lots for single families on the west 51 acres of the land. The other 29 acres will be left alone and remain natural. As of right now, the new neighborhood will have 136 lots, but that number could increase to 155.

Residents who live within 300 feet of the proposed neighborhood have been notified by the city. Beach said the proposal could be denied and that it is just a proposal at this point. He also added that the price points of the new homes will be lower than the average south Jenks home and allow for more people to move to Jenks.

The homes will be approximately 2,000 to 2,700 square feet and there will be trails and different park amenities put in the new neighborhood and the land surrounding the neighborhood as well.

The Perryman Ranch land is located at 11524 S. Elwood Ave. in Jenks.

Kyle Salomon

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