Anthem Road Academy gives back to community

Anthem Road Academy gives back to community

Anthem Road Academy didn’t start with the idea of just being a music school and that still hasn’t changed.

In November 2011 Heather Turner quit her job as a music instructor for Bixby Public Schools to pursue her aspirations of opening a music school done her way.

Jenks was the right location. Turner lived in Jenks, her children attended Jenks Public Schools. Then she found the building. 

Turner scored prime real estate on Main Street, back when antique stores ruled the road. It was a big leap for Turner, but one that paid off.

“We kind of bet on ourselves first and bet on this community and that turned out to be a really good thing to do,” Turner said.

Anthem Road Academy started those eight years ago with 19 students and since has grown to more than 350 and they’ve opened two more locations in Bixby and Broken Arrow. Turner began giving piano and vocal lessons but has increased staff to be able to provide lessons in guitar and other areas.

The system at Anthem Road Academy is simple: hire quality instructors and watch as they turn out quality results.

“We always hire character first, character is the most important,” Turner said. “And then musicianship because we’re putting people in rooms with children, teens and young adults and we want them to be good examples and people of quality and high character we can trust. We recruit all teachers. We don’t just hire anybody; we are very thoughtful about who we hire and really based on character and people who give back to the community.”

Turner and her team are no stranger to giving back.

Anthem Road partners with around 30 non-profits and works closely with the cities, chambers, and schools in the communities they’re in. But now, they’re going a little further than the Tulsa area to help those in need.

On Tuesday, 10 from the Anthem Road staff will be taking off for Ghana, Africa for a new kind of helping out. Anthem Road has partnered with the Peral House and Village of Hope in Ghana aiming to educate, equip and empower.

One way they will do that is through music. Anthem Road is bringing instruments to teach children, their families and their teachers how to use them.

They’ll also use Turner’s book, “Dream Traitors,” to implore the Ghananian children to find their calling.

“We’ll be teaching them about dreaming and about exploring their strengths,” Turner said. “No matter what their past circumstances, whatever they face, how to overcome some things and pursue what their next step is.”

Anthem Road Academy is taking the very model they’ve found success in and hope to share it with those in Ghana. With that same itch to teach music that she had in 2011, she’ll get to share that with people who need it most in Africa.

“We want to them how to help value themselves and education for a better life,” Turner said. “We hope that brings transformation in even one life but it would be really cool if it brings transformation in more students lives.”

Hayden Tucker

Hayden Tucker is the Sports Editor and Director of Media for the Jenks Tribune. He has three years of experience in newspaper journalism before joining the Tribune. Tucker was born in McAlester, then moved to the Oklahoma City area in 2010 where he lived for nine years prior to moving to Jenks.

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