Lil Red Designs Boutique shines in Jenks location

Lil Red Designs Boutique shines in Jenks location

After growing up watching her mom put crafts together for numerous years, Sumyr Moffit decided it was time to follow in her mom’s footsteps.

In 2015, Moffit and her mother, Natalie Naylor, decided to turn their hobby into a business.

“At first, we were just online, but decided to go and find a store to sell our products,” Moffit said.

After learning the tricks of the trade to operate a boutique from her mother, the mom-daughter combination was off and running with their first location in Broken Arrow, which opened in the spring of 2018.

Lil Red Designs Boutique operated in Broken Arrow for several months before deciding it was time to take its products to the west side of the Tulsa area and open it’s first location in Jenks in June of 2018.

“We chose Jenks because we had a lot of family in Jenks and we loved the Main Street area,” Moffit said. “We are from Wagoner originally, so the cool Main Street was exactly what we were looking for and we like the small-town feel that Jenks provided.”

Lil Red Designs Boutique remained in its first location on Main Street through April of 2019, but decided it had outgrown that location, so it moved next door, where they immediately doubled in size and in product growth.

Their current location is at E. Main St. in Jenks.

“We can do pretty much anything with T-shirt and clothes design,” Moffit said. “We can do screen printing, vinyl and custom signs or cups. We love it here in Jenks. It is growing fast and we like to do a lot with the schools. We are trying to branch out and become a bigger part of the community through the schools.”

As Jenks is planning its next phase of evolvement, Moffit said is excited to see how Jenks can improve.

“I think the ‘Horizon Jenks’ plan is going to be a great thing for this area,” she said. “It is going to be great to see Jenks grow and improve with the facelift it is going to get through that plan.”

Moffit also said she is not worried about the new outlet mall coming to town in 2021 and hurting the local stores on Main Street. She said she believes the new mall will have different types of stores than Lil Red Designs Boutique.

The name “Lil Red Designs Boutique” came from the family’s dog named Lil Red.

“We kept going back-and-forth on what we wanted to name the store and we could not  decide on anything until my mom suggested we name it after Lil Red, so we did,” Moffit said.

When asked why people should choose Lil Red Designs Boutique, Moffit said, “We treat all of our customers like they are family. We have a really good mix of custom order business and walk-in business. We also have a very wide age-range of people that shop with us. It’s a family business and we have fun doing it.”

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