Drew Bethell: Taking time to ‘stop and smell the roses’

Drew Bethell: Taking time to ‘stop and smell the roses’

I’m a Jenks Lifer. In short, this pretty much means that I’ve never seen Jenks as much more than a place that I go to school. I drive into town every morning and I leave every afternoon, never really stopping to smell the roses or for more than a football game. Before now it’s been too easy to get swept up into busy schedules or trying to find the easiest way to avoid bridge traffic… Or a ticket.

This is the year that is going to change all of that. Don’t get me wrong I’ll still be avoiding traffic and tickets alike but this is the year that I’ll stop and smell the roses and maybe I’ll even get to tell you a story about them.

Before the Tribune, finding something to do in Jenks was only discovered if you knew the right people that followed the right Facebook account. Town events were whispers in the wind you sometimes heard but more often than not they were only rumors. Because of the Tribune all of that has changed. We no longer have to dig to find out what festival is happening when or what happened to the horse on Elm. The Tribune has made me dive into the heart of Jenks and realize that there’s more to do here than just go out to eat. Well, that’s a big part of it but not all. Things happen here, stories are made here. I just can’t wait to discover those stories thanks to these wonderful people.

This town has its own culture. Jenks, I’m sorry that it’s taken me this long to realize that I want to be a part of it!

I couldn’t be happier at scoring an opportunity like this. For so long my main focus has been solely on the high school. It feels like a whole new world has been opened up to me and I just can’t wait to embrace it.


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