Hargrove-Marker: More than just a funeral home

Hargrove-Marker: More than just a funeral home

After 20-plus years in the physical therapy industry, Jenks native Ken Hargrove had a calling to do something else in the community he loves, bring a funeral home to Jenks.

Five years ago, Hargrove partnered with long-time friend Mike Marker to start Hargrove-Marker Funeral and Cremation Services in Jenks. It was the first venture in the funeral service business for Hargrove, but not for Marker.

Marker has two other funeral and cremation services. He has the Leonard-Marker Funeral and Cremation Services in Bixby and the Dowdy-Marker Funeral and Cremation Services in Haskell.

Hargrove and Marker became friends while serving on several committees together for the Bixby Chamber of Commerce when Hargrove had his physical therapy practice in Bixby.

20 years ago, Hargrove told Marker that if he ever wanted to put a funeral home in Jenks, he would put his name on it with him. However, it didn’t come to fruition immediately because Hargrove was busy with his physical therapy practice and other jobs, including a three-year stint with Jenks Public Schools working in the construction and renovation departments.

Hargrove and his wife, D’Anne have lived in Jenks all of their lives. D’Anne was a music teacher for Jenks Public Schools for several decades.

Marker made the call to Hargrove about five years ago and said it was time to put a location in Jenks. Hargrove immediately started to look for a location.

A house on the north side of Main Street, located at 815 W. Main Street, had been purchased by a local doctor and was going to be a medical practice. The medical practice fell through and the house went up for sale.

Not long after the house went up for sale, Hargrove was driving around the downtown Jenks area early on a Sunday after dropping his wife off at the church to practice singing in the choir that day. He came across the house that had just been put up for sale.

Hargrove immediately called Marker and the two came and looked at it that night and purchased the facility the next day and Hargrove-Marker Funeral and Cremation Services was born.

The Hargroves and Marker and his wife Pam are the partners in the Jenks funeral home.

“I believe in divine intervention,” Hargrove said. “One of the purposes approved for occupancy of this building was a funeral service, which made it a much easier process to get into the facility.”

Ken Hargrove has lived in Jenks all of his life and he started a funeral service in Jenks five years ago with long-time friend Mike Marker. The funeral home is called Hargrove-Marker Funeral and Cremation Services and is located at 815 W. Main St. in Jenks. Photo/Kyle Salomon

Hargrove said the reason he wanted to be in business with Marker was his willingness to serve and willingness to help people.

“He builds relationships with people,” Hargrove said. “I remember about 13 years ago when my dad passed away, Mike (Marker) handled our service. He came to the house and sat in a room with my family. I just sat in the back and watched him work with incredible sensitivity and ask questions with grace. He made sure to include everyone and made sure everyone had their input in the process. I told my wife I want to be in business with a man like that. He treats people the same way I want to treat people, by serving others.”

Hargrove said that Hargrove-Marker Funeral and Cremation Services is much more than just a funeral home.

“Our No. 1 priority is to help families and loved ones deal with the grieving process,” Hargrove said. “It is so important to deal with grief the right way. We have also started taking part in the community education world with classes on funeral planning to help prepare people, so when the time comes, they are as prepared as they can be for everything they need to take care of when a loved one passes away.”

Hargrove said he is blessed to be able to serve his community and his hometown of Jenks in a unique way.

“I am who I am because of the Grace of God and D’Anne and I are blessed to get to serve here,” Hargrove said. “I love my community and owe it all to my education and upbringing. This is a great community of heritage and history of supporting each other. I wouldn’t be who I am today without being blessed and divine intervention, as well as the support of my family and friends.”

Kyle Salomon

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