Starbucks coming to Jenks

Starbucks coming to Jenks

Starbucks has a new home in Jenks off Elm street.

The popular coffee shop chain is coming to Jenks with groundwork having already begun at its location. Starbucks will be just north of Tidal Wave car wash and northwest of Reasor’s on Duncan Ave.

Construction is expected to begin in about a month. City planner Jim Beach says typical construction for a business such as Starbucks lasts nine to 12 months.

Starbucks joins other Elm Business Park businesses Reasor’s, Kum and Go, Arvest, and Jenks Plaza shopping center. Beach said the area is intended for “medium intensity” businesses and Starbucks will fit that description.

There is no plan for the land left between Starbucks and The Reserve apartment complex.

“I’ve heard many people excited when they found out Starbucks is coming,” Beach said. “They’re always busy when I’ve been to one. They’re very busy and I think people in Jenks will look forward to having it.”

Beach acknowledged the Starbucks will add to the traffic load, however, he doesn’t anticipate it being a problem.

“There’s a potential for some peak time additional load. Even today, if you try to make a left turn onto Elm from Duncan, unless it’s rush hour, it’s not very hard to make a left turn out of there,” he said.

Beach pointed to alternative ways of getting back onto Elm Street. Turning west on Duncan Ave, cutting through the Reasor’s parking lot and using the turnpike service road was a substitute route he mentioned.

In the grand scheme of things, the traffic in the area isn’t a concern to city officials. There are no plans to add traffic lights.

“Peak traffic times early and evening don’t last very long,” Beach said. “Out of a 24-hour period, you’re talking a total period of maybe an hour split between morning and evening. There may be some back up on Duncan with multiple people trying to get out, but we’re not too concerned with it causing a traffic jam. There’s not enough traffic that we anticipate that would warrant a new traffic signal at that location.”

Hayden Tucker

Hayden Tucker is the Sports Editor and Director of Media for the Jenks Tribune. He has three years of experience in newspaper journalism before joining the Tribune. Tucker was born in McAlester, then moved to the Oklahoma City area in 2010 where he lived for nine years prior to moving to Jenks.

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