Pets of the Week: MaryAnn and Ginger

Pets of the Week: MaryAnn and Ginger

Sergeant Shouse would like you to meet these two castaways, MaryAnn and Ginger!

These lovely ladies are around two years old and were lost at sea (aka abandoned) in Jenks just a couple weeks apart. 

Ginger has some chemical scarring on her back and rope burns on her neck, which we like to call her Warrior Markings.  She has fought some hard battles and still has an open heart to finding someone that will give her the love she deserves!

MaryAnn was found after she recently weaned puppies. 

They both took a little time to catch – as most abandoned/dumped dogs do, they accepted food but kept a distance. 

MaryAnn and Ginger became instant friends at the shelter – both have bonded over hula dancing and pig roasts as they wait on their “island” for that perfect someone(s) to rescue them! 

They are both super friendly and affectionate with humans and other dogs, however, we have not tested them with cats. 

As close as friends as they are, they do not need to be adopted together – they just want a loving home and never have to play the role of Castaway again!

If you would like to meet Ginger, MaryAnn, or any of their adoptable friends, call the Jenks Animal Control at 918-299-6311 option 8 or email

This was written by Jenks Animal Control and may be edited by the Jenks Tribune staff.


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