Trojan Tip Line to increase safety at JPS

Trojan Tip Line to increase safety at JPS

Jenks Public Schools is using new technology to keep its campuses safer.

JPS rolled out the Trojan Tip Line app Monday. It’s a new tool the district hopes its students and faculty use for added safety.

Trojan Tip Line is an app that allows students, parents, and staff members to send anonymous tips to administrators regarding any safety risks they may see.

“As a district we are always looking to improve and enhance and reevaluate our school’s safety and security,” Jenks Public Schools communication director Rob Loeber said. “We were looking at what are some of the trends out there, what are some of the tools other districts are using, what are some of the things that we could easily implement here to add another tool to our toolbox. I think this fit that category.”

After launching the app, the user must choose which campus they are in and then they can send the tip. An administrator at that location will be alerted immediately and can decide how to react from there.

The app is available for iPhone and android users, but the service isn’t limited to the app.

Students, parents, and faculty may also send a tip via text message to 847411. The user must type a location code followed by a space and then the information. See the end of the story for location codes.

There is also an online option. Users can go to and submit their tip that way as well.

Allowing for anonymous tip submissions may make students more apt to speak out against safety concerns.

“Students in this day and age feel a little more compelled to share if they can do so anonymously,” Loeber said. “Before, they might not want to come forward and say something but now through an anonymous system they can provide information and they don’t have to be identified.”

Loeber said by creating the new tip line system the district can offer more safety than ever before.

I think one of the things we always want to reinforce to our students, staff members, and parents is that safety and security is the top priority at Jenks Public Schools. We have a mission here to provide an outstanding educational experience for every kid who comes through our doors. We can’t provide that great educational experience if we don’t first provide a safe learning environment.

“That’s why we’re so committed to always looking at what we can do, what can we do differently. What resources can we pick up…. This is just one more layer for us, it’s one more resource, one more tool for us to say we are doing everything we possibly can to make our schools safer and more secure.”

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Hayden Tucker

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