Cobber Deans keeping Jenks beautiful for 17 years

Cobber Deans keeping Jenks beautiful for 17 years

For the past 17 years, as you drive west on Main Street in Jenks, you might have noticed an outdoor nursery in the parking lot of River City Trading Post.

That place is Cobber Deans. The nursery was started in 2002 by Rick and Sandy Holloway and named after their grandson.

Rick worked for 20 years prior to opening the new location in Jenks at Riddles in Sand Springs in the same industry. He shared what he learned in his experience before starting Cobber Deans.

“If you have good plants, people buy them, if they buy them, you can make a living,” Rick said. “If you keep up with it, you can make quality plants.”

In the past 17 years the City of Jenks has seen a large amount of growth. Rick said its hardly recognizable from 17 years ago.

“The downtown area, the traffic flow, it’s just different,” Rick said. “Jenks is a destination place. We have developed a customer base here. We are still here, and they can easily get to us. As long as we have good, quality products, we will have a good part of the market that will appreciate that.”

Rick said he doesn’t see the growth in Jenks slowing down anytime soon.

“We have the 47th busiest airport,” Rick said. “We have the No. 1 school district in the nation. We have the (Oklahoma) Aquarium. Those things will bring people to our town from all over the state and that helps the businesses and people in Jenks.”

Kyle Salomon

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