Miller Swim School: Bringing water safety training to Jenks

Miller Swim School: Bringing water safety training to Jenks

For the past six decades, Miller Swim School has been a staple in the Tulsa area when it comes to teaching people of all ages how to properly navigate the water.

For the past four months, Miller Swim School has been bringing their knowledge and water-safety training lessons to the Jenks area.

The Miller Swim School Jenks location opened its doors this past May. They offer swimming classes from ages four-months-old to adult. The swim school offers group classes, private lessons, special needs lessons, infant/toddler programs, water aerobics, tri training and swim team lessons.

The new location is operated by Sarah Clavin and Gina Kinnison. Miller Swim School was founded by Larry and Rita Miller 59 years ago when the couple decided to become managers of a neighborhood pool in the Tulsa area.

Larry noticed that numerous children were having trouble swimming, so he deiced to start giving swimming lessons. Eventually, the lessons grew large enough where they needed a larger facility to operate the lessons.

For the first 35 years, the Millers operated Miller Swim School out of numerous school sites with swimming pools in the Tulsa area. 23 years ago, they built their first facility at 6415 S. Mingo Rd. in Tulsa. It will be the 24th anniversary of the facility on Oct. 5.

Clavin has been with the company for eight years and four years ago, she presented a business proposal to the Millers to build a new location in Jenks. The proposal was turned down because of too much risk, so Clavin turned her focus to the Owasso area. She thought she had a deal set to build a new location, but it fell through.

The Millers decided to crunch the numbers on a Jenks location again and they decided it was worth the risk after all and the plans were in place to build their new location in Jenks.

“We wanted to make sure we had good, easy quick highway access and an easily accessible area with a lot of parking,” Clavin said. “We have been really well-received by the community.”

Miller Swim School is a member of the International Swim School Association and is dedicated to ensuring their students and their families are well-educated when it comes to water safety.

One of the areas that Miller Swim School focuses on is the year-round aspect of swimming lessons.

“Our summer classes were full because people think of summer and swimming, but we had to educate a lot of people that year-round swimming lessons are important,” Clavin said.

One of the biggest battles the Millers have faced over the years is students going from summer to summer forgetting what they have learned and having to learn all over again at the start of the next summer.

“Think of it like a sport,” Kinnison said. “A lot of it is muscle memory. You don’t just go out and learn how to golf in two weeks. It takes a lot of time and a lot of practice and it is the same way with swimming.”

Miller Swim School has many programs that are dedicated to not only its students, but the families of its students as well making sure they are well-educated on how to handle any type of water situations.

“Oklahoma has a lot of different types of bodies of water,” Clavin said. “We have more shoreline here than any other state in the country, so it is important that we are teaching our families how to respond in any type of situation in any type of water.”

For more information on Miller Swim School or to book lessons, call 918-254-1988 or visit

Kyle Salomon

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