Corwin earns starting QB job as true freshman

Corwin earns starting QB job as true freshman

It didn’t take long for Ian Corwin to find his place at Drake University.

This week it was announced Corwin was named starting quarterback for the Bulldogs as a true freshman.

The competition for the job was tough, he had to beat out three other established players. Along the way, Corwin found himself and the others pushing further.

“There were three other quarterbacks that were here already, and they can all spin it,” Corwin said. “One of the biggest things was having to go up and compete against such great quarterbacks. We pushed one another to make throws, make plays.”

Ian Corwin
Photos/Courtesy Drake Athletics

And though it was an uphill battle, Corwin made sure to put in extra work that many true freshmen wouldn’t.

It wasn’t long after graduating from Jenks did he migrate north to Des Moines in order to get a head start on the season.

“I came up pretty early on this summer, a couple days after I finished up high school,” Corwin said. “So, I know that really gave me an advantage. Most freshman wouldn’t have.

“I was able to learn the offense pretty early on, start to throw to receivers. Whenever fall camp came around, I felt pretty comfortable. I think, for me, I felt comfortable back there the whole time. I had a lot of confidence in myself.”

But Corwin didn’t get the starting job over night. It was his time in Jenks that created the work ethic he needed to win the job.

Corwin credits his coaches for making the transition seamless.

“I’ve been very fortunate to have very exceptional coaching,” he said. “Growing up my dad was my coach and he was a pretty good coach. But at Jenks there are exceptional coaches there and it’s the same feeling here as well.”

Jenks’ high-level coaching left little to be discovered for Corwin in the jump from high school to the college ranks.

“I’ve got different perspectives and different ideas and forms of coaching from high school to here at Drake,” Corwin said. “I think that’s a great thing for me, to get different forms of coaching. I’d say one thing I’ll take with me from Jenks is, coach Maddox, some of the things he taught me as far as quarterbacking I’ve been able to apply some of the plays we run here.”

Last season, the Bulldogs went 7-4, good for second in their conference. This year, change may hamper that progress.

Corwin arrives at Drake in the first year of Todd Stepsis’ tenure. The change doesn’t scare Corwin, he says, because he’s ready to help the team out any way he can.

“The offense changed but the one thing that changed was the great athletes that I’m playing with,” he said. “There are two receivers and two senior receivers that are, all four of them, exceptional athletes. I think the team compliments my play, having great guys around me and having depth at running back too.

“I just think the offense as a whole compliments each other really well. we can pound the rock and then get the defense to come downhill and step back and pass it. A 6-foot-3, 6-foot-4 receiver can go up and make a play. I just think I do a good job of getting those guys the chance to make a play, getting the ball in their hands. I think that’s what a quarterback is supposed to do.

The Bulldogs begin their season Saturday against North Dakota.

Hayden Tucker

Hayden Tucker is the Sports Editor and Director of Media for the Jenks Tribune. He has three years of experience in newspaper journalism before joining the Tribune. Tucker was born in McAlester, then moved to the Oklahoma City area in 2010 where he lived for nine years prior to moving to Jenks.

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