Childhood friends take Jenks Fence to new heights

Childhood friends take Jenks Fence to new heights

Rusty Wieland and Mark Roesch have been friends since they were six years old. Little did they know at the age of six in the middle of Kansas, they would be running a successful business in Jenks, Oklahoma more than 40 years later.

Wieland and Roesch purchased Jenks Fence in 2004 from Jerry Richardson. Jenks Fence Co. was started in 1969 with Wieland and Roesch being the third owners of the company.

Wieland moved to the Tulsa area from Kansas in 1987 at the age of 18. After numerous years in other industries, Wieland decided to get into the fence game with Accolade Fence, which was in business for a little more than a year before Wieland and Roesch joined forces to purchase Jenks Fence Co.

“I saw the Jenks Fence logo all over the place, so when the opportunity came, we took advantage,” Wieland said. “Jerry Richardson and I shared a common accountant, so that is where the relationship began. A lot of people already knew the name Jenks Fence. We decided it would be easier to build off of a name that everyone knows rather than try and build from scratch.”

Wieland and Roesch moved Jenks Fence into its current location several years after they purchased the company. Jenks Fence Co. is located at 625 E. A St. in Jenks.

Wieland said they wanted to establish a connection with the community, and they did so through one large entity.

“We have always had a good relationship with the school system here,” he said. “We always say that the Jenks school system is the second-best thing in Jenks,” he said jokingly.

Jenks Fence has supported numerous programs and departments at Jenks Public Schools since Wieland and Roesch have taken over.

Right now, Jenks Fence has 12 people on their crew, but Wieland said they usually have 18. He said it has been a tough year with the weather and having less crew members than usual.

Jenks Fence Co. specializes in residential fences, but Wieland says they can handle any type of fence anyone wants.

“We like to out of the cookie cutter type stuff with our fences,” he said. “One thing about people in the Tulsa area is they care about their fences. They see their fences as extensions of their houses, so we get creative with how we put our fences together.”

Many industries face tough times ahead as the digital world slowly takes control of society, but Wieland said the fence business is one of the few that doesn’t have to worry.

“There is always going to be a need for fences,” he said. “We plan on being around for a while.”

Jenks Fence Co. can be reached at 918-299-5575.

Kyle Salomon

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