Jiang, Norris achieve perfect ACT scores

Jiang, Norris achieve perfect ACT scores

Jenks High School added two new names to the list of perfect ACT scores this week.

Lily Jiang and Baylor Norris became the fourth and fifth high school students to accomplish the rare feat. Both had their own unique story of preparation it took to get a 36.

For Norris, a senior, the test in March was his fifth try. His first came in the seventh grade, then once in ninth and twice in 11th grade. His most recent score of 34 was his best to date, however, he still wanted to try for perfection.

Even though he didn’t put in normal training hours, he managed to find alternate ways to prepare.

“I didn’t really do any formal preparation for the ACT,” Norris said. “I did a two week course offered through Jenks that helped prepare for the PSAT which I really give a lot of credit to, I think that pushed me right where I needed to be to get the score I did on the ACT.”

Unlike Norris, Jiang, a junior, put in long, grueling study hours.

She printed out several practice ACT’s and spent time getting comfortable with the test before taking it.

“I took one almost every day for the two weeks before the ACT,” Jiang said. “It was really brutal.”

Jiang entered the test hopeful of earning a 36 and accomplished that despite it being just her first try.

Both Norris and Jiang had to wait longer than normal to find out how they did.

Norris expected to get his results two weeks after taking it but had to wait eight weeks instead. Jiang says she doesn’t remember specifically how long it took but the wait drug on.

When Jiang saw her score, she knew the cumulation of hours of studying paid off.

“I was really happy and proud of myself,” Jiang said. “I was thinking that all the grueling practice hours were definitely worth it.”

Both students plan to study mechanical engineering in college.

Norris is eyeing Massachusetts Institute of Technology as his preferred destination. Jiang’s top choice is Georgia Tech, one of Norris’ top choices as well.

Georgia Tech is a top-five mechanical engineering school, drawing the interest of both.

“Recently they opened to the common applications which means they got a lot more applicants,” Norris said. “In doing that they dropped their acceptance rate from 40% all the way down to 18% which just shows that a lot of people are interested in going there because it’s a great program.”


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