Jenks Police Department Incident Report/Arrests Log

Jenks Police Department Incident Report/Arrests Log

Incident Report:

Larceny- Suspect(s) opened the victim’s residential mailbox and stole the mail that was delivered on 8/15/2019.

Warrant- Officers arrested Eric Holloway for city warrants.

Warrant- Officers arrested Jeffrey Clinton Mosquito for Tulsa County warrants.

Obtaining property under false pretenses- Unknown suspect gave a false identity to victim and had victim transfer money that he claimed was his.

Actual Physical Control- An arrest was made on a suspect for actual physical control.

False Pretense/Bogus Check- Suspect unlawfully cashed two checks, by signing the check in the victim’s name.

Identity Theft- Used the victim’s business name and his real estate license number in an attempt to commit fraud.

Shoplifting- The suspect entered Walgreens store. The suspect placed Walgreens merchandise into a Walgreens shopping cart. The suspect ran out of the Walgreens main entrance with the stolen merchandise in her possession.

Burglary From Auto- Unknown suspect removed the license plate lights and brackets from the vehicle and took them without consent.

Malicious Injury/Destruction of Property- Suspect(s) damaged the victim’s tires, while it remained parked in her drive way.

Vandalism- Suspect(s) drove past the victim’s home throwing eggs. It appears the suspect(s) attempted to throw eggs at the victim’s home but could not throw the eggs far enough to make contact.


Name: Judy Cutten; Date: 8/25; Charges: Actual Physical Control;

Name: Sienna Deshazer; Date: 8/23; Charges: Larceny of merch from retailer less than $500;

Name: Eric Holloway; Date: 8/22; Charges: Warrant charge (city);

Name: Jeffrey Mosquito; Date: 8/22; Charges: Warrant charge (district);

Name: Jason Olsen; Date: 8/20; Charges: Domestic assault and battery by strangulation/kidnapping;


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