Jenks family mourns loss of popular horse

Jenks family mourns loss of popular horse

Area residents who drive on Elm Street in Jenks on a regular basis have gotten used to seeing the horses at the Eaton Ranch on the NW corner of 111th and Elm. Recently, the Eatons lost one of their popular horses, as Roany passed away. He was 24 and a half years old.

“What a great horse,” Linda Eaton said. “He was the strongest when packing elk out of the mountains, to the gentleness by letting all ages (of people) on him. He loved the shenanigans. When he was young, he wanted to be Mr. Ed looking in the house and loved proving ‘our horses lay down when tired’ sign. As you see, that’s where he napped. Thank you Jenks for watching and loving him. He will be greatly missed.”

A memorial for Roany has been placed on the fence at 111th St. and Elm St. Photo/Courtesy


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