Jenks schools develops new areas of focus to open new school year

Jenks schools develops new areas of focus to open new school year

Jenks Public Schools recently announced its updated district areas of focus for the next three school years starting with this year.

The new district areas of focus were developed based on survey results of students grades fifth through 12th, parents of students and JPS employees. Also, a community focus group was put together to look at the progress made on the previous three years of the district areas of focus and to determine what Jenks students need to be prepared in the 21st century.

Jenks Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Stacey Butterfield said now that the new District Areas of Focus have been developed and announced, the individual school sites and departments within JPS now must implement the plan.

“School sites and departments will now establish goals on how to address and support these strategic objectives,” Butterfield said. “Ultimately, we are all working together to achieve these strategic objectives throughout the next three years.”

The Jenks Public Schools School Board approved the new objectives in June at the School Board Meeting.

Here are the 2019-2022 District Areas of Focus for Jenks Public Schools:

Support and celebrate our diverse community of     learners

-Deliver exceptional learning opportunities across the Five A’s … Academics, Activities, the Arts, Athletics and Attitude.

-Provide pathways for student engagement in classroom, virtual and co-curricular settings

-Enhance the safety and security and district facilities to create an environment where students and employees can thrive

Foster innovation and collaboration

-Deepen the culture of innovation in classrooms, schools and departments

-Promote collaboration to spread effective instructional and operational practices

-Strengthen and grow access to services that support the social, emotional and physical needs of students, families and employees

Focus on continuous improvement

-Utilize stakeholder feedback to add value to district activities, processes and procedures

-Support the work of district employees by providing effective professional learning opportunities for all staff members

-Leverage available funding sources for classroom expenditures, capital improvements and operational costs.

On top of the new District Areas of Focus, areas of construction are nearing completion as the new school year approaches.

Several entrances to newer buildings in the district have been adjusted to be more secure. Butterfield said as the district opens new buildings, enhancing the security of the entrances is important.

Also, at Jenks Middle School, 20,000 square feet of space has been added opening up more elective classroom space for drama, speech and debate, FFA, world language and stage craft. With the space being opened up from those departments moving to the new area, two more science labs were added and more office space for counseling services.

As the Jenks community continues to become more diverse, Butterfield said it is vital that the needs of all students are met, that equity is provided and that all students are prepared for life beyond Jenks Public Schools.

Here is the Jenks Public Schools 2019-2020 ethnicity breakdown:

-African American 9%

-American Indian 13%

-Asian 15%

-Hispanic 11%

-White 52%

Jenks Public Schools is comprised of 10 school sites. Going into the 2019-2020 school year, there are currently 12,465 students from Kindergarten through 12th grade enrolled at JPS. That number has jumped from 7,284 students in 1990.

In 2019, the percentage of free and reduced students is at 39 percent. That number was at 9% in 1996.

Classes began at Jenks Public Schools Tuesday.

Kyle Salomon

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