Jenks Tribune, Trojan Torch announce partnership

Jenks Tribune, Trojan Torch announce partnership

Students involved in Jenks High School’s Trojan Torch student newspaper will get the opportunity to work along side the Jenks Tribune staff this year.

The Jenks Tribune and the Trojan Torch are partnering up in hopes of giving student reporters the chance to explore journalism on a larger scale.

“We’re very excited about this,” Jenks Tribune owner Kyle Salomon said. “When we were coming up with our plans for the paper, this was one of the first things that came to mind. We want to help create the next wave of journalists.”

With the partnership, students will have the opportunity to cover school and community events and write stories for the Tribune.

“This allows the students a chance to have their byline in a legitimate newspaper and hopefully that will help in their future,” Salomon said.

Students will also have access to workshops hosted by Tribune employees where they’ll learn newspaper layout, writing styles, photography and more. Job shadowing opportunities will be presented throughout the school year as well.

Also, with this partnership, the physical edition of the Trojan Torch will be returning.

Once a month the Trojan Torch will be integrated as part of the Jenks Tribune. The student-created paper will take over the back half of the B section of the paper.

Moving forward the Tribune hopes to expand what it can offer to journalism students by way of scholarships and internships.

“I believe this will be great for both parties involved,” Salomon said. “We want to show the next generation that journalism is still important in communities like Jenks.”

Students have already expressed excitement in seeing their work go out to the city of Jenks.

“I’m really looking forward to partnering with the Jenks Tribune,” Trojan Torch faculty advisor Jordan McCown said. “It’s an excellent opportunity for students to get their stories out to a larger audience. I brought it up to the staff and they’re ecstatic to see their work in print. And to know everyone in Jenks will be seeing their work is also exciting for them.”

The first edition of the Jenks Tribune will be released Aug. 16 and will be mailed to every house and business in Jenks, a total of 9,340 mailboxes. Each week papers will be stocked at multiple businesses in the community and at each school site.


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