Wiesman “thrilled” to join Jenks Tribune

Wiesman “thrilled” to join Jenks Tribune

By Jinger Wiesman

I graduated in 2008 from OSU/OKC with a degree in Graphic Design. I’ve spent 13 years working as an in-house graphic designer for non-profits, tech schools, and convention centers. I have an amazingly supportive husband and four wonderful, crazy kids. 

My love of art and design comes from my grandmother, Winabel, who always encouraged me to paint, draw, and be creative.

I love music, live and recorded, and frequently car dance! In my spare time, I like to watch B movies with my husband and find the plot holes. I like drinking craft beer and PBR, and can be heard yelling “GO POKES” on Saturdays in the fall.

I survive on coffee and eat way too much candy! I am thrilled to join the team at The Jenks Tribune.


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