JMAA students to compete at UTA Grand Nationals

JMAA students to compete at UTA Grand Nationals

Twenty-one students from Jenks Martial Arts Academy (JMAA), with ages spanning from six to 58, will be among the competitors vying for United Taekwon-do Alliance (UTA) National Championships in Shreveport, Louisiana July 26 and 27.  The tournament will include 800 martial artists from across the nation competing in sparring, patterns, team patterns, demonstration groups, and most powerful hand and foot techniques.

Competitors from JMAA are: Mike Bassett, Daphne Beswick, Jefferson Beswick, Broxton Boone, Blaise Borchers, Sherrie Bullock, Dr. George Carley, Jeff Howard, Arush Khurana, Ishan Khurana, Perri Link, Ian Linthicum, Lisa Linthicum, Sofia Linthicum, Baylee Mashburn, Jack Melton, Sazel Pokharel, Alex Scott, Dan Scott, Cameron Smith and Camille Yates.

The 2019 UTA Grand National will be held at Hirsch Memorial Coliseum.

This has been a news release from Jenks Martial Arts Academy and has been edited to the Associated Press style by the Jenks Tribune staff.


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